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We at The Pet Vet Set have all breeds of dogs with purity of genuineness, health and straight to the top quality for the various breeds. When we sale a dog to our client, our top priority is that the dog will be suitably cared for with healthy food and care as well as vaccinations, along with the special attention of the owner. No puppy is sold before 40 days (6 weeks) old. In our dogs kennel in Delhi all of them are cared conventionally.

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Food & Accessories

As one of the extra ordinary pets food suppliers in Delhi provide all pets food & accessories that concede you to shop in ease with huge ranges of dogs breeds, birds & fishes food and other food products. We have good selection of healthy Indian and imported food products of pets, so pet owners have the exceptional opportunity to pick from the starter food to adult food & their pets products. We do have an enthusiastic team of professionals for helping you, so you can have all the food products that you need for your pet.

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Fish Aquarium & Birds

We present beautiful artificial plants, foods with fascinating fish aquariums in Delhi and watchfully analysed that fishes can survive for long time. Plants are made from top class materials that make them exclusive and incomparable by our expert staff. We are creative in making any sizes of fish bowls, aquarium and decoration. Does not matter, you need fresh water, salted, simple and corporate fishes tanks.

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Mr. Shubham is the proprietor of an organization and a passionate animal lover since his childhood. Since 1991, he has been start working devotedly and became the owner of popular pets shop in Delhi.

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About Us

We at The Pet Vet Set are one of the eminent traders and suppliers of pet that includes dogs, cats, exotic birds, fishes with aquarium at wholesale prices in New Rohtak Road . Our enterprise explores varied breeds and diversity of pet animals and birds by offering them really safe and friendly accommodations. Experts in our firm procure these pet animals and birds from the trusted vendors after a proper medical check-up. Diverse Pet varieties that we provide for sale, boarding, medical checkup and training. We are one of the non-stop junctions for all pet lovers for pet food, product and accessories. With us all necessary assistance to dog grooming, dog training, dog hostel, veterinary service and every pet food products under the one roof. Our dogs kennel shop has selection of genuine breeds likewise Germen Spitz, Germen Shepherd, Rottweiler, Dalmatian, Labrador, Dachshund, Chihuahua, Boxer, French Bull Dog etc.

We presents an array of veterinary services that starts from controlling health care, wide-ranging health management remedy, surgery, vaccination, dental care etc. our pets clinic determines great recover rate. During dealing the handling of pets is done in most loving manner.

Pets always have been an important part of the family from the age of childhood and I have very special bonding with my dog. I do believe dogs can be the best friend of humans, without dog my life is imperfect. My aim has always been to present the perfect and top quality puppies for sale likely we do have pets available. Most of the dogs are winners in their dogs show in all around India. In our dogs kennel in Delhi, all types of 100% pure breeds of dogs at reasonable prices, likewise Labradors, Pug, German shepherd, Rottweiler, Saint Bernard, German Spitz, Dalmatian, Dachshund, Chihuahua, Boxer, French Bulldog, Tibetan, French Mastiff and etc.

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