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Dog Hostel & Boarding Service In Delhi

We are professional hostel giving our pets a homey experience throughout their boarding and accommodation, which includes birds, cats, dogs and fishes from delhi NCR. The Pet Vet Set is the place of happiness and calm to our pets. While over night stay boarding session every pets has an individual dwelling in our dog hostel and make sure that our pets are treated with the best possible manner we can provide to them in very reasonable costs too! We welcome all pets with identical interest.

The Pet Vet Set provides best and loving choice to the lonely days your pet spends at home when you are away at work our pet hostel facility enables you to leave your dog in the caring and peaceful location we service them. Our pet-cab can pick up your dog, directly from your doorstep and leave her/him when you are home. We make sure that both individual and public needs of your loving dog are met the routine activities at our dogs hostel in Delhi include: publicize and play time and relaxing activities. Playing keeps the dog’s intelligence dynamic and away from negative activities likewise chewing and barking that make due to taking apart anxiety.
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Dogs boarding service in Delhi

Are you anxious about going on a holiday vacation because there is no one to take care of your dearly loved pet? Are you looking for the Dogs boarding service in Delhi in which you will contact the in charge will not obey the duties of your pet sincerely? Well, you want to get anxious any more. We are available to do simply the same with a guarantee of sincerity.

Offered Services

We at The Pet Vet Set present the high quality dog boarding services in Delhi and make sure there is a safe, healthy and caring atmosphere for your pet to live. For that we offer hygienic, spacious accommodation that is well-organized with fans, water coolers and air conditioners. We have smooth tiled floors to confirm fine and best cleaning that the pets will have nice and healthy time spend here with us. if there are more than one dog from the same owner, we can accommodate them together. For heavy muscles dogs, we have provision of large dog kennels too. Our team members and handlers are right here to take care of all the activities including boarding, grooming to training them. We guarantee your pet will never feel out of place to make them involved in some doings.

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We do exceptional care to every individual pet of the hostel. We look after in to the fact that no pet is ever left out in any occasion that went on in our dogs boarding kennels. We are totally set with medications and procedures so that any casualty has not been. If any of the hostel pets wants extra diet then we do provide.

Don't Feel Far Away From Home

When it concerns to pet grooming, we always give our best and delivering best handlers, food, surroundings to live in, additional care and all the things that would make their time spend valuable. We always give our level best to sense home and don’t feel the intense feelings of suffering of separation from all of you. We accept as true that these god creatures are like a part of the family and they also justify the extra ordinary care of them and match their exact necessities and needs. Moreover we do all that we can make them joyful and active and that is why most of the pet owners like our dogs boarding service.