Customized Dog Grooming Services!

Pets Beauty Parlour Service In Delhi

Hackneyed of your pet’s matted hair, disordered coats and hard nails? Well, its time for you to neaten your pet. We are one of the best Pet Grooming salon in Delhi. Just cosset your pets and shower them with care for, joy and tail wags!

We provide customized dog grooming service in Bhagwaan Das Nagar Extension at New Rohtak Road, where our goal at keeping your dog / pet beautifying and looking his best. Our proficient groomers have been trained under India’s great groomers. They expertise in regular as well as dog show artists. From oil massages to classy haircuts and body parts cleaning to solving skin diseases, they are specialized at delivering head to toe preparing for your pets. We do provide boarding services for your pets, if you would like to travel.
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Pets Beauty Parlour In Delhi

We are based in New Delhi and all our unique services are organized from the capital city. We have Pets beauty parlour in Delhi, where we concentrate in herbal skin care and dog handling concepts. Any types of breed, anybody, and any age group, and in any circumstance is not an issue!

We are likely the first resource in all across India with an ultimate experience of customized herbal scrub for Dog Bath with absolute skin care and would like to welcome to our esteemed clients over the past 23 years we are not only bathing / cleaning the dogs but also serving the dog owners maintain their dogs in a suitable circumstances. Conditionally only then the pet owners have to repeatedly take advantage of our dog grooming services.

Vast Range Of Pet Grooming Products

For all your pet care solutions, contact The Pet Vet Set of Bhagwaan Das Extension, New Delhi. Our pet grooming salon has been providing proficient pet grooming and beauty services for over 23 years. We also offer a vast range of high quality pet grooming products & accessories. With practiced and expert pet groomers, we can make sure you specialized, nice, and great services.

Our Dogs Beauty Salon In Delhi offers massive services for a range of dogs. We can take care different breeds and of all weight and sizes. Fix-up the timetable and services you need, and we'll do the remaining. Pet Grooming services include:

  1. Bubble Bath A warm gentle bath including anti-teaks shampoo, conditioner, ear cleaning (plucking avaiable), nail clipping a nice blow dry and brush.

  2. Bath N' Groom Up A decent bath that includes a face, paws, abdomen and hygienic trim to keep your loving pet groom up and clean.

  3. The Complete Works The complete works includes a nice bath and an entire body clip. We can trim the hairs your dog to the appearance you wish but we also give breed specific cutting and summer or winter cuts. (Measurement and fashion may diverse hinging on the basis of your dogs coat)

  4. All dogs are cleaned up with herbal skin shampoo but we also have a range of shampoo's including standard, flea, whitening, detangle and anti teak shampoo.