The Pet Vet Set - September 05, 2016!
Dog Kennel In Delhi

Dogs Kennel Service

We have absolutely pure & various breeds of dogs at best quality & affordable prices. Puppies to adult dogs Breeds likewise Labradors, German Shepherd, German Spitz, Dalmatian, Dachshund, Chihuahua, Boxer, French Bull dog, Rottweiler, Saint Bernard & etc.

All above breeds are available for sale for residential and security purposes. All various breeds belong to original and top quality along with Registration and without registration. To know more about our dogs kennel services in Delhi, you may client on the given link.

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Fish Aquarium In New Delhi

Fish Aquarium Service

We are also one of India's famous fish seller provide fresh & marine fishes along with the fish bowls and aquarium. Fishes that live in aquariums, homes fish bowls and aquarium tanks.

Aquarium is needed because fishes can stay alive in water and regular water change is an important part of keeping our fish alive and size of the water tank is depends upon you that you need a smaller tank requires less maintenance or a big aquarium tank for commercial usage. For more information about our fish aquarium service in Delhi, you can click on the given link.
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Birds For Sale

Birds Service In Delhi

We at The Pet Vet Set is the only place in all around India where there is life. It is a very beautiful all types of birds suppliers in delhi and its beauty is enhanced by the nature and its beautiful collection.

Birds are one of the very beautiful creations of God, charming & chirping. They are most precious thing in this entire world. They add charm to the morning and we provide you with all types of exotic birds proofing solutions you may need and even ask for. We are creative in all areas Domestic, Commercial, & International market. Having huge experience in the birds solutions industry will prove to be your best choice. For more information about our birds suppliers services in delhi you may visit the given link.
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Pets Food & Accessories

Food Accessories

Our food & accessories supply is one of extra ordinary service in New Delhi that allows you to shop in comfort with vast ranges of dogs, birds & fishes food and other accessories. We have an amazing collection of Indian and imported products of dog, fishes and birds products, so our customers have the exceptional opportunity to select from the starter food to adult food & their pets products. We do a dedicated team of people for assisting our customers, so you can have all the supplies you need for your pet. We stock dog food, kage & medicines and much more for birds and fishes!

Moreover you will have great offers and deals in our store so do not hesitage to ask! And if there is something you don’t know do let us know and we will assist you in best possible manner to get it for your loving pet! So come by for getting or grooming and have the best experience at one of the smartest and finest pet shops in Delhi. If you are keen to know more about our Pets food & products supplies in Delhi than you may visit the link given below.
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Pet Veterinary Clinic

Pets Veterinary Service

Having pet care services in delhi, we are here to provide best pet care for your pets. We are proud to be the only clicnic to provide all pets veterinary service in Delhi. The Pet Vet Set offers various pet veterinary solutions that include cat, dog, bird, fish etc and practiced numbers of treatment cases. We have huge experience in health caring solutions as one of the well known veterinary clinic in all around New Delhi.

We know that it is our duty to not only care your pets when they are sick, but to inform you on how to keep your pet healthy. We have already provided treatment for numbers of pets for a different of issues and are regularly practicing their skills by continuing medical education to vigilant about the present innovations and medical guidelines.

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Dog Mating Service

Dog Mating Service

We help you to find out the best match for your pet mating in the easiest way. Whether you are a first timer or an aware breeder, we recognize that you like to have the perfect mate for your pet. We have developed the great dog meting concepts to connect your pet with other pets. Our focus is to assist you get the best match for your loving dog. Whether you want to buy a pet from a registered breeder or sell a pet, get a mate or breed your dog you can get it all here on The Pet Vet Set and take benefit of this great opportunity to make mating easy and simple.

We need to give dog owners, fanatics and yes, dogs, an easiest friendly way like no other. We are here to help you to connect other nearby dogs and dog owners to fix up mate or breeding dates. We offer ranges of options so you can find out as per your desire. This exceptional matching process is really effective than any other dog mating sites in delhi.

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Pets Beauty Parlour

Pets Beauty Parlour

Hackneyed of your pet’s matted hair, disordered coats and hard nails? Well, its time for you to neaten your pet. We are one of the best Pet Grooming parlours in Delhi. Just cosset your pets and shower them with care for, joy and tail wags!

We provide customized dog grooming service in Bhagwaan Das Nagara Extension at New Rohtak Road, where our goal at keeping your dog / pet beautifying and looking his best. Our proficient groomers have been trained under India’s great groomers. They expertise in regular as well as dog show artists. From oil massages to classy haircuts and body parts cleaning to solving skin diseases, they are specialized at delivering head to toe preparing for your pets. We do provide boarding services for your pets, if you would like to travel.

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Dog Training Center

Dog Training In Delhi

At The Pet Vet Set, we indulge with almost every dog we see, for they each come to us with an extreme demand. Mating and breeding well-trained dogs needs more than ordinary sincere training.

All dogs are listed by our trainers and provide a little of history on every individual breed; a complete description of the breed’s bodily conformation; information about grooming necessities, work out needs, and activity standard; manifested training and public requirements, and any potential tasks or sports that the dog might like. The information of dog breed profiles was taken directly from the pet owner or save complete history of the dog if sold by us.

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Dog Hostel & Boarding Services

Dogs Hostel & Boarding Services

We are professional hostel giving our pets a homey experience throughout their boarding and accommodation, which includes birds, cats, dogs and fishes from delhi NCR. The Pet Vete Set is the place of happiness and calm to our pets. While over night stay boarding session every pets has an individual dwelling in our dog hostel and make sure that our pets are treated with the best possible manner we can provide to them in very reasonable costs too! We welcome all pets with identical interest.

The Pet Vet Set provides best and loving choice to the lonely days your pet spends at home when you are away at work our pet hostel facility enables you to leave your dog in the caring and peaceful location we service them. Our pet-cab can pick up your dog, directly from your doorstep and leave her/him when you are home. We make sure that both individual and public needs of your loving dog are met the routine activities at our hostel include: publicize and play time and relaxing activities. Playing keeps the dog’s intelligence dynamic and away from negative activities likewise chewing and barking that make due to taking apart anxiety.

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