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Pet Veterinary Service In Delhi

Having pet care services in delhi, we are here to provide best pet care for your pets. We are proud to be the only clinic to provide all pets veterinary service in Delhi. The Pet Vet Set offers various pet veterinary solutions that include cat, dog, bird, fish etc and practiced numbers of treatment cases. We have huge experience in health caring solutions as one of the well known pet veterinary clinic in delhi all around NCR.

We know that it is our duty to not only care your pets when they are sick, but to inform you on how to keep your pet healthy. We have already provided treatment for numbers of pets for a different of issues and are regularly practicing their skills by continuing medical education to vigilant about the present innovations and medical guidelines.
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Comprehensive Veterinary Care For Puppies & Adults

At The Pet Vet Set, your dog’s health and happiness are vital to us. We have customized safe care protocols for your dog that start from childhood and go all the way to maturity. Our aim is to find issues initially, which will let your pet the perfect chance at a stronger and longer period, meanwhile providing you peace of mind when it concerns to his health.

  1. Wellness Exam Annual physical

  2. Vaccinations

  3. Parvo Vaccine recommend vaccine be provided every year for the initial two years of life and protagonist every three years afterwards.

  4. Leptospirosis vaccine protects from an infectious disease cause by leptospira and transmitted to animals; characterized by jaundice and fever.

  5. Rabies It is an acute viral disease of the nervous system of warm-blooded animals (generally transmitted by the bite of a rabid animal); rabies is fatal if the virus reaches the brain and initial vaccine gives immunity for one year after that repeated after every three years.

  6. Bordetella provides safety against a contagious cough. Immunity is good for one year. It is recommended for grooming and safe your pet immunity good for one year.

  7. Heartworm Test Annually

  8. Heartworm Protective Year-Round

  9. Fecal parasite exam on annual basis and diagnostic testing beginning at 7 years of age.

  10. Nutritional counseling

  11. General Behavioral Analysis

  12. Flea control plan

  13. Full diagnostic work ups

  14. Dental care

  15. Acupuncture